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ANGELICA 25F by LAROME geïnspireerd door Angel



ANGELICA 25F by LAROME geïnspireerd door Angel

ANGELICA 25F by LAROME geïnspireerd door Angel


25F: Angelica by Larome (inspired by Angel) is a fragrance full of olfactory emotions. Scent of cotton candy, chocolate and praline. A gourmand (sweet, edible ingredients) perfume. The first facet evokes the air, while the second is fruity and the intoxicating final facet is built around a note of patchouli and chocolate, ending with honey, vanilla and caramel. It is a perfume for a modern, daring and very sensual woman.

Top notes: Bergamot, jasmine, cassia, coconut, mandarin, melon and cotton candy.

Heart notes: Currants, apricot, blackberries, honey, jasmine, lily of the valley, orchid, peach, plum and rose.

Base notes: Amber, caramel, musk, patchouli, dark chocolate, tonka bean and vanilla.



This fragrance was created by Larome Paris.

The name of the brand that inspired it is only mentioned to indicate a possible similarity in the fragrance notes. We do not give any guarantee regarding the possible similarity between the scent of Larome Paris and the mentioned brand.