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ADICTIVE 41F (geïnspireerd door Dior - Addict)



ADICTIVE 41F (geïnspireerd door Dior - Addict)

ADICTIVE 41F (geïnspireerd door Dior - Addict)


41F: Adictive by Larome Eau de Parfum (inspired by Addict) opens with top notes with a wide range of freshness. Followed by the Queen of the Night, a rare flower that grows in Jamaica. The rose and jasmine fill their floral heart wrapped in the warm glow of orange blossom. The fragrance ends with a background of vanilla, sandalwood and tonka beans. It is a perfume that expresses the intuitive passion, that rejects obligations and unleashes its instincts.

Top notes: Blackberry and mandarin leaf.

Heart notes: Jasmine, queen of the night, orange blossom and rose.

Base notes: Sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla.



This fragrance was created by Larome Paris.

The name of the brand that inspired it is only mentioned to indicate a possible similarity in the fragrance notes. We do not give any guarantee regarding the possible similarity between the scent of Larome Paris and the mentioned brand.