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VERSO 4F (geïnspireerd door Lancôme - Poème)



VERSO 4F (geïnspireerd door Lancôme - Poème)

VERSO 4F (geïnspireerd door Lancôme - Poème)


4F: Verso by Larome (inspired by Poême) is a perfume of contrasts, an oriental perfume of shadow and light. A scent of love and seduction... words are not enough! Icy cold or sunny warm, blue or yellow, full of spice or slow, the notes of this perfume form a poetic olfactory figure. The contrast culminates in the bursting note of Himalayan blue poppy that embraces the enchanting scent of the datura flower. In this perfume, every word is a flower and every flower is a poem, expressing what words cannot say.

Top notes: Lychee blossom and blue poppy.

Heart notes: Mimosa, narcissus, freesia and rose.

Base notes: Vanilla blossom and datura flower.



This fragrance was created by Larome Paris.

The name of the brand that inspired it is only mentioned to indicate a possible similarity in the fragrance notes. We do not give any guarantee regarding the possible similarity between the scent of Larome Paris and the mentioned brand.