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Featured: 84F Praline

Today in the 'featured' category, it's time for a women's fragrance. I, Donna Luisa, give my personal opinion about one of the Larome Paris perfumes every month. This way you can learn more about the scents and hopefully make it easier to make a choice for your next order. Would you like to read about the perfume 84F Praline?

Description of the scent

Praliné is inspired by Bonbon from Viktor & Rolf. A timeless sensation that invites you to a moment of pure pleasure, leading to absolute ecstasy. The woman who wears this fragrance creates her own story. She is strong, beautiful and complete. The perfume flows sensually over the skin like it does over a delicious dessert. The caramel remains present throughout the evolution of the fragrance.

Fragrance notes

Top notes: caramel, mandarin, peach and orange;
Heart notes: jasmine, caramel and orange blossom;
Base notes: amber, sandalwood and cedar.

Personal opinion

84F Praline you can order in a 50ml or 100ml format. And I definitely would if you have a sweet tooth. This perfume smells like the sweetness of caramel, in combination with a spicy undertone. Sensual, yet unique. Ideal for a night out!

Please note: this fragrance is made by Larome Paris. The name of the brand that inspired it is only mentioned to indicate a possible similarity in the fragrance notes. We do not give any guarantee regarding the possible similarity between the scent of Larome Paris and the mentioned brand.

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